Fun and Engaging Quizzes for Your Audience

If you still do quizzes using a ballpen and a paper, it’s time for a change. Here’s the thing, you can conduct quizzes any time to an audience of your choice anywhere you are in the world. What if we tell you that you can even customize your quizzes into your own liking? This is definitely good news for creative minds. We’ll no longer be limited on what we can do. The sky is the limit folks.


Awesome Features Right in Your Fingertips

Whatever purpose you may have for creating a quiz, we got your covered. Our platform is designed to cater to all your needs in building quizzes. You could be a teacher trying to make quizzes convenient for your students, or a blogger who is trying to buy traffic for website, or a hiring manager who needs to filter the applicants, our platform will help you get the job done. The features we included on our platform are designed to make your experience blissful and enjoyable. Time will fly when you are having fun.

Timed Quizzes

Do you want to bring some challenges to your quizzes? That is definitely possible with MIJN Quiz. Our platform enables you to create timed quizzes. This feature is perfect for educators who would like to ensure the integrity of each quiz.

Single Tab Quizzes

Since the quizzes would be conducted online, you don’t want your audience searching for answers from the internet. Our platform is able to restrict the switching of tabs during quizzes by deducting points.

Branding Features

This feature is for companies who would like to make their quizzes more formal. They could add designs, template, and even a logo. Our customization features would enable you to personalize for branding purposes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Customizable quizzes and templates

  • Easy-to-use platform

  • Convenient to use

  • Complete with features

  • Multi-purpose

Interested? Try It Out

Are you interested? If yes, don’t hesitate to dive into our platform and create your forms. Our platform offers free tools. You don’t have to subscribe just to get started. However, if you find our platform useful for your daily processes, contact us and we’ll let you access the full version. You could start creating your own quizzes with three simple steps:

1.) Register,

2.) Confirm your email address, and

3.) Start creating.

The sky is the limit. If you need help in creating fun and engaging quizzes, we got some tips for you.

You can use the quizzes that you generate for several purposes. You can utilize them to understand the market where you sell your products. Use the quizzes to study the industry that you choose your business to be part of. Learn how to buy traffic for websites more efficiently and effectively through the tests and exams. Make easy and interactive quizzes through our website application. Let respondents take surveys and questionnaires more conveniently using our web app. Understand and solve problems more quickly by making quizzes. And create fun and exciting activities right on your phone with the help of MIJNQuiz.

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